Everyone Is A Teacher

Her instincts weren’t always refined, but she never let that stop her from being herself.

This is Just the Beginning

Life changed forever 21 years ago today… read an excerpt from my memoir.

The Pen Has Power

There are a lot of billboards out there touting how no text or post is worth your life, but I’d take that a step further, and say that a lot of texts and posts aren’t really worth anything.

Home baked is the Best

Even though I don’t bake much these days, there are two bread recipes I will make for the rest of my life.

You Have to Know Yourself

A long time ago, maybe even in high school, I came up with the idea that we need to try and understand ourselves, then our neighbors, then our world, in order to actually achieve some semblance of world peace.

Nowhere is a Good Place to Go

For the past two weekends we’ve been on the road.  Our travels went from the east side of the state in Sioux Falls to the west side with Rapid City and the Black Hills.  Both experiences had their ups and downs, but I’m happy to be home this weekend.  Last night I was invited to…

Take the First Step

Life seems to be about selecting which flags to fly so the right opportunities come your way.